What We're Reading

We talk about needing new stories, and we read new stories too! If you want to know what kinds of topics we’re thinking about, looking at our reading list will give you an idea. *We are not sponsored in any way to help sell these books, but if you feel inclined to go buy them, try your local bookstore first! We <3 local.


Leanna’s Current Reads

Raising Mixed Race by (local author!) Sharon Chang

  • “In the last decade, we have also seen a sudden massive shift in America’s racial makeup with the majority of the current under-5 age population being children of color. Asian and multiracial are the fastest growing self-identified groups in the United States.”

Trust Exercise by Susan Choi

  • What Mozart in the Jungle wishes it could be.

  • Read by both Leanna and Heather so far.

yesterday i was the moon by Noor Unnahar

'i am building
a house 
where the floor is 
made up of strength 
where the walls are
crafted of ambition 
where the roof is
a masterpiece of forgiveness
i am building myself'

Kaley’s Current Reads

The Alphabet Versus the Goddess by Leonard Shlain

  • Read by both Kaley and Heather so far.

  • “Shlain argues that literacy reinforced the brain's linear, abstract, predominantly masculine left hemisphere at the expense of the holistic, iconic feminine right one. This shift upset the balance between men and women initiating the disappearance of goddesses, the abhorrence of images, and, in literacy's early stages, the decline of women's political status. Patriarchy and misogyny followed.”

Dawn of the New Everything: Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality by Jaron Lanier

  • a look at what it means to be human at a moment of unprecedented technological possibility, a perspective on how the brain and body connect to the world

Feel Free by Zadie Smith

  • read by both Kaley and Leanna so far.

  • Arranged into five sections–In the World, In the Audience, In the Gallery, On the Bookshelf, and Feel Free– poses questions we immediately recognize. 

Heather Bentley